Chris 'Knuckles' Garcia of Team Us

Bitches is...a punk rocker...Bitches is...a punk rocker...Bitches is...a punk rocker...NOOOOW!!! Bitches is often found rocking out in one way or another. The above picture was taken in Team Us HQ, Florida, known to some as Orlando. The shot was taken while filming for the Orlando Sampler. Once released the Orlando Sampler was loved by all graced with its presence. In making this video, we also proved that a sampler can feature a rap song and not suffer a negative effect. Some could learn from us...

Chris is a lot like me, but eventually he'll fill in this with his own ness. Until then I'll just fill in some stuff. He does the Capoiera and TKD which influences his tricking style. Right now he's probably playing WOW or Guitar Hero. He does that a lot. Entertainment that you don't have to leave the house for is the Team Us way of life. That's pretty much the only difference between us.

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